ARDEX FEATHER FINISH mixes to a creamy, smooth finish underlayment that eliminates flooring installation problems associated with disbonding, crumbling, mold, mildew and staining. ARDEX FEATHER FINISH may be used as an embossing filler when mixed with ARDEX P 82TM Ultra Prime.

Install over: concrete, masonry, wood, terrazzo, and ceramic and quarry tile - as well as properly prepared residues of cutback and other non-water-soluble adhesives on concrete - all without the need for priming or the use of a latex additive.


  • Blend of hydraulic and other cements

  • Self-drying matrix

  • Mixes with water only

  • Trowelable

  • Mold and mildew resistant

  • Interior use

SD-F Feather Finish

    • 16.7 sq. ft. per bag at 1/4’’ per bag at a skim coat
    •  33.3 sq. ft. per bag at 1/8” per bag at a skim coat
    •  100-300 sq. ft. per bag at a skim coat
  • ARDEX FEATHER FINISH can be installed from a true featheredge up to 1/2 in. over large areas.

    It can also be installed up to any thickness in small, well-defined areas, such as thresholds and birdbaths, as well as for height transitions

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